Watering Eyes

After a fairly clear morning the smoke from the big fire west of here came in suddenly this afternoon. It’s really bad and my eyes are burning and watering something awful.

Rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully that will be of some help.

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In The Strange Woods

The new blog is now up and running. It’s called In The Strange Woods. The URL is below.


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A Return To The Woods

Last night, for some reason, I was writing a story about a tree and I was really having fun as I pulled the words out of wherever they come from. Maybe the twilight zone for all I know.

Anyway, I suddenly stopped as I remembered that not so very long ago I wrote quite a few stories about a place called the Strange Woods. It was the most enjoyable blog I have ever done. I also recall that it was quite popular amongst readers.

And I said, “Yes! Why not!”

So…we will be returning to the land of the Strange Woods and we’ll see what we have missed during our absence. One thing I’m certain of…it will be fun.

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Updates On The King Fire

For anyone who might be interested in the King Fire that is burning in the foothills west of Lake Tahoe, I am posting occasional updates on my Lake Tahoe Blog. Click on the URL below:


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Abandoning Yore

Try as I might I have not been successful in writing anything I have been happy with about the World of Yore. It simply isn’t working. I’m not blocked, I just haven’t come up with what I wanted.

So, I have decided to abandon the concept and work on something else.

It’ll probably take two different projects to replace what I had envisioned for Yore.

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The Coming Of Autumn

The season of Autumn begins soon. September 22, to be specific. I always look forward to it.

The Aspen trees in the mountains are always a delight to see with their fall colors in full display.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to drive to some of our favorite spots this year and maybe get some good photos.

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Yosemite Problems

Update: They hope to be able to have access to Half Dome open again beginning Thursday.

If any readers are planning to go to Yosemite in the next few days you might want to consider changing your destination.

Yosemite has a large fire not very far from Half Dome and they basically have not been able to establish any control over it. A big area of back country, including a lengthy section of the John Muir Trail, is closed to hikers. And if you are planning on climbing the cables to the top of Half Dome, you’re out of luck. Half Dome is located in the closed section.

All roads in Yosemite are currently open but word is that the early morning smoke in Yosemite Valley is very bad.

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