Stormy Day

It was a dark and stormy day at the lake. As we drove along the north shore, the low clouds combined with occasional rain showers to present quite a different character to the region. The normally deep blue water was today a dull gray, whipped into a frenzy of whitecaps by the cold, gusty wind.

The usual bright, invigorating energy I typically feel here was overshadowed by a rather dense, somber vibration. It left one with a of sense of foreboding. It seemed to want to seep into the body and try to promote a feeling of intense forlornness.

Ah, but before that forlorn feeling even had a chance to tighten its tentacles on me, a huge rainbow appeared right over the road. It was so low it seemed we could almost reach up and touch it. We stopped on the side of the road and just looked at it for awhile. It thrilled and energized us.

Up here at the lake, magic happens. And I mean real, true magic.

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Where Liveth A Mystic?

Recently I was having a conversation with someone and they, knowing the kind of work I do, asked where did I think was the best place for a mystic to live.

That is, of course, a difficult question to answer. It really depends on each individual mystically inclined person and how the energies of any certain place feel to him or her.

For me the answer is easy. I’m in the absolute perfect place for my sensitivities. Although I have no intention of moving from this area, I do know of two other locations that would be workable for me. One is in New Mexico and the other is in Arizona.

The person I was talking to then asked if there were places that I would avoid. My answer to that was that I steer clear of cities and large towns…and the entire state of Texas.

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Weather…Or Not

A few weeks back we had snow, actually quite a lot in the higher elevations. Within a few days most of it had melted away and by now it’s all disappeared. The media is going on and on and on about the drought. They even ran a story about the devastating effect the combination of lack of moisture and global warming is having on the aspen trees.

Ah yes, global warming is big biz right now. I find myself smiling when I wonder how they are going to save face when their death dealing global warming suddenly turns around and becomes year round global frostbite. Believe it or not it will happen…and when it does it will be very sudden.

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And A Squirrel Came By

On my morning walk, after stopping several times to just enjoy the multitude of pine trees, I eventually arrived at my turn-around point.

There is a stone circle there surrounded by lush green grass. I was standing in the center of the circle in quiet contemplation when I sensed a nearby presence. I opened my eyes and looked down and slightly to my left just as a beautiful gray squirrel appeared. He glanced at me and continued slowly on his way, walking right by my foot and showing no indication of nervousness or fear of me.

Just one of nature’s little wonders.

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The Coming Of Autumn

The season of Autumn begins soon. September 22, to be specific. I always look forward to it.

The Aspen trees in the mountains are always a delight to see with their fall colors in full display.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to drive to some of our favorite spots this year and maybe get some good photos.

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Sitting By The Seaside

Ah, the ocean. Such a vast body of water. Sometimes it seems almost endless. And the wonderful waves coming into the shore. Sometimes with a gentleness that seems almost like they are caressing the beach. Other times, such as during a storm, they can crash and froth with an incredible violence.

If one lives in a coastal area or near enough to visit there and return home on the same day, sitting quietly while watching and listening to the surf roll into the shore is as calming as the mountain creeks already written about.

Depending on the location, wave watching can either be enjoyed on a quiet beach or from a cliff overlooking the sea.

A few words of caution though. On the Pacific coast, especially northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Canadian locations, there is a definite danger from what are called sneaker or sleeper waves. They are uncharacteristically large waves that seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere. They are extremely dangerous and if you are caught by one you could lose your life. Because of this very real danger I suggest enjoying the Pacific Ocean from the overlooking cliffs.

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Cold Mountain Creeks

The mountains are full of small creeks. Fed by snow melt they start out as scores of rivulets that combine to make picturesque little streams just waiting to be enjoyed by those who will take the time to do so.

Mountains creeks are more than just something to be crossed by a bridge. So very much more. They sometimes drop in spectacular ways as waterfalls. They tumble and splash over and around rocks and boulders that have been deposited in their bed over many years past.

If you will settle down on the bank of one of these delightful streams the sounds of all that splashing and gurgling water will calm your troubled and overworked mind. Better than any pill a doctor can prescribe this tranquilizer of nature has only one side effect. It leaves you longing to return and experience it again and again.

First chance you get give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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